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Assisting Human and Equine
Wellness & Connection

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Equine Services

While exploring a variety of modalities to support the wellbeing of her horses Saskia came across The Masterson Method®. She felt at home right away with how this method of equine-bodywork assists in optimising equine health and helps to improve the relationship between humans and their equine partner. 


Saskia also offers vibrational sound sessions for equine relaxation and wellbeing.

Masterson Method®

The Masterson Method® addresses all body-work targets: the autonomic nervous system, muscles, joints, energetic elements and fascia. 

Human Services

Saskia has completed multiple training programs to help guide you in optimising your health and sense of wellbeing using the following practices:


Usui Reiki

Vibrational Sound

Tao Yin Yoga, Qigong & Meditation

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